The definitive guide to invest in startups

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What are you going to find?

  • At what stage of the company to invest in    
  • What to consider when analyzing an investment opportunity?    
  • What is the usual time frame for obtaining profitability?    
  • Fiscal benefits of investing in startups   
  • And much more! 

The perfect guide for... 

New investors

Is this your first time investing? If you want to understand the basics of investing in startups in a sensible way, this guide makes sense for you!

Traditional investors

If you have a background in traditional financial products, but you are looking for other products this guide will help you.

Startup investors

Do you have experience in startup investment but you are looking for a more comprehensive perspective? This guide is perfect for you.

What are you going to learn?

In this complete guide, we explain with examples and graphs the basics to learn how to invest in startups. 

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